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Malout City

Malout is a city of Punjab Muktsar district in the Indian. Also municipal council of Punjab state.Malout is located on NH-10 and NH 15 which connects New Delhi to Fazilka other boundaries of Haryana just 30 and Rajasthan 65 km away from Malout. Pincode of Malout is 152107 Malout History- Maan cast founded a fort here, Kacha Kot, leading to popular name Mankot Nagar. With the passage of time people stated calling the city Manout and later Malout.Located in southern Punjab state area, it is a prominent town in the cotton belt where production per unit area is one of the highest in India.Weather 34°C, Wind E at 16 km/h, 56% Humidity Population: 1,03,958 (2015) as of now.

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